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Vivid -Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art


In Vivid, a new exhibition of paintings by Anda Kubis, colourful forms bounce, collide, coalesce, and stretch across the canvas. Feeling like suspended moments that are temporarily captured in time, these paintings portray images that betray their production. Painstakingly finessed and layered, the intensity of the colour is produced through thin yet full layers of oil paint that build to a glowing opacity. As Kubis’ work is traditionally informed by modernist paintings, photography and digital image production, she makes images that pulse and vibrate through a considered choice of tonal values and combinations of natural and artificial colour. A seeming contradiction, Vivid captures an encroaching feeling of rapid change and instability through slow, deliberate and subtly off-kilter compositions. The works present a visually alert space for contemplation – celebrating a mindset that marries a loose improvisational approach with careful decision making. As a result, the paintings sing. They are Vivid.

As part of the New Abstraction movement in Canada, Kubis continues her play with colour, space and illusion. Painterly and improvisational, Kubis’ work continues to capture a screen-like illumination from within the picture with light clusters and refractions across the surface of the canvas. With degrees from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and York University, she is invested in crossing her artistic practice with design and architecture, material exploration, and her significant career in teaching. Anda Kubis is an Associate Professor in the Drawing and Painting program, in the Faculty of Art, at OCAD University.

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Shimmering Mirages - Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

Shimmering Mirages
Time lapse, 2018. 72X108 in.

Time lapse, 2018. 72X108 in.

Anda Kubis | Shimmering Mirages
October 13-27, 2018
340 Dundas St West, Toronto
Opening reception: Saturday, October 13, 2-4 pm
Commingling the materiality of paint with the digital image, Anda Kubis creates a seamless reality between disparate and even opposing methods of production. In Shimmering Mirages, a new body of large-scale digital paintings and works on paper, Kubis intentionally blurs the boundary between paint and the digital output to play with the conventions of painting and art practice in general. Through modulated colour, transparent layers, and indistinguishable brushwork, she provokes associations to beauty and the sublime. The paintings assert a visionary space that reflects our current existence – where we function between virtual and concrete experience daily, often without noticing. By illusionistically blending the handmade into the digitally created image, Kubis reflects upon the nature of our contemporary tools to highlight the human potential within them.

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